Wishlist Member Review

Wishlist Member Review

There is no arguing that Wishlist Member is one of the most popular membership plugins for WordPress on the market.  The real question is whether or not it is one of the best solutions available.  It features a number of positive attributes that ensures it will be good solution for a lot of membership sites, but that doesn’t mean it will always be the best option.  The key is understanding the benefits and drawbacks users may encounter.

Key Highlights of Wishlist Member

1. Sold Core

One of the best aspects of Wishlist Member is its emphasis on being a WordPress plugin.  Since it is built around the WordPress core, it utilizes all of the features and functionality the WordPress platform has to offer.  This inherently makes it a better fit for WordPress users than closed door membership solutions which offer WordPress integration but rely on their own architecture to provide features and functionality.  Plus, relying on WordPress databases ensures transitioning to or from Wishlist Member to another WordPress-based membership site solution is simple because all of the data is already properly formatted.

2. Has All of the “Important Features”

Another benefit of Wishlist Member is it provides all of the “important features” users expect from a membership site plugin.  It seems like most solutions are lacking one or two features which limits the type of membership sites they can effective manage.  Wishlist Member can be used to drip feed content, offer both public and private content, and even protect digital products with little effort.

3. Continually Improving Integration for 3rd Party Products

Since Wishlist Member is one of the most mature WordPress membership site plugins in terms of development, it isn’t surprising that a majority of their new updates feature additional 3rd party integration.  This primarily relates to payment processers and autoresponders, but it does provide essential flexibility for membership site creators.

Key Drawbacks of Wishlist Member

1. Response Time Isn’t Always Prompt

One of the most common criticisms of Wishlist Member is how they handle support requests.  First, users must get by the initial screening/request stage.  Next, they are assigned a specific Wishlist Member programmer to help troubleshoot problems.  While they are very good, the entire process can quickly become time consuming.

2. Passed the Point of a Major Redesign

There are numerous benefits of choosing a mature membership management plugin, but it also limits the amount of major changes you can expect.  Without completely redoing the core code of the plugin, a major redesign is nearly impossible.

3. Overlooks Minor Problems

The final drawback of Wishlist Member is the growing emphasis on 3rd party integration has put a lot of minor, yet common, complaints on the backburner.  The small inconveniences are likely here to stay.

The Final Verdict

Overall, Wishlist Member is a good membership site plugin for WordPress sites.  Regardless of what type of membership site you plan on creating, Wishlist Member should be considered.  At the same time, there are enough minor issues that it shouldn’t automatically be considered the best option for every situation.  There are a handful of very strong alternatives to Wishlist Member which should be given equal consideration.

Price: $97 to $297 Purchase Wishlist Member

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