Magic Members Review

Magic Members Review

Magic Members is a premium WordPress Membership Plugin.

Many people still don’t consider everything the Magic Members membership plugin has to offer.  This is likely because compared to other membership plugin stalwarts it is a relative newcomer.  All the same, the Magic Members plugin has several key features most people overlook when comparing all of the popular WordPress membership plugins.

 1.  Multiple Content Delivery Options

The first key feature most people overlook is that Magic Members offers a variety of different ways to deliver content securely.  Along with the traditional membership website approach which protects all the content, this plugin also allows for securing specific categories or specific posts.  This provides a great deal of flexibility.  It also features a secure RSS feed which is great for members-only newsletters and newsfeeds.  Magic Members also provides drip feeding and pay per post capabilities.

2. A Lot of Payment Processors

One of the biggest problems with many WordPress membership plugins is a lack of options when it comes to native support for payment processors.  Most only have a handful of processors built into the membership management software.  Integrating additional payment processors requires another plugin or hard-coding the integration.  Magic Members makes it simple to setup and integrate all of the popular payment processors as well as a surprisingly large number of region-specific payment processors.


3. Easy Installation Regardless of the Sites Current Setup

Another key feature of Magic Members is the ability to quickly set everything up regardless of how large or small your site already is.  Every membership plugin is easy to setup if you are starting your membership site from scratch.  The scenario where most people run into trouble is when they want to separate a pre-existing portion of their current site and turn it into a members-only area.  Since Magic Members is designed specifically for WordPress, it leverages the WordPress framework to make creating a membership area on current sites as easy as setting up a membership site from scratch.

Some Potential Drawbacks to Consider

As with all membership sites there are a few potential drawbacks to consider when comparing Magic Members to the other options.  The first potential issue is there is no mention of API support within their documentation.  While there have not been any reported issues with API integration this is a potential area of concern.  The other is email communication.  While Magic Members integrates with most of the popular autoresponder services, it doesn’t include any additional features.  In most cases, it will only synchronize the membership site subscriber list with the autoresponder list.  This can make it difficult to automatically separate members into multiple lists based upon their membership level.

Overall, Magic Members is an excellent membership plugin for WordPress users.  In fact, it is one of the only mainstream membership management solutions designed specifically for the WordPress platform.  Most of the other popular options are independent pieces of software with a WordPress integration plugin which can make it difficult to benefit from the full range of flexibility and customization WordPress offers.  This makes Magic Members a great solution for devoted WordPress users.


  • Michael October 8, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    It’s a short, but mostly accurate review. Just a heads up, I can see an API menu in my Magic Members plugin. So, it seems they already added this feature.

    What I like most about this plugin is that I can sell individual posts to my visitors without having them register to my site. It removes many unnecessary steps to purchase the content for my niche and increase conversion.

  • Sandy October 16, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    I used some free plugins up to one point, but they weren’t enough anymore. If you want a build a serious business, premium plugins are a must. Only the support you get for this product is enough for the price you pay.

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